The X-Files (Fox) Rated TV-14

x-filesA pair of FBI agents investigates the unexplained. Starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi.

I confess, I never did watch the original show, so I can’t compare between the two.  I have had it on my viewing bucket list, but there are so many shows, and so little time.

That said, I thought this new take on the series was good.  I love that they were able to bring Duchovny and Anderson back to reprise their roles.  They catch us up on the characters without dwelling too heavily on the past, which I felt was a smart move.  Also, I agree with their decision to make this a limited series; it gives the producers the opportunity to evaluate if bringing the show back was the right choice, with the option to extend in the case that it is a hit.  I know at least one viewer who is already sad that there are only eight episodes left at the time of this post, which is a good sign.  Intriguing and entertaining, The X Files is still worth a watch, even on the second go-around.



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