Angel From Hell (CBS) Rated NR

Angel from HellAllison has a new friend; she’s just not sure if she is some crazy person or her guardian angel. Starring Maggie Lawson, Kyle Bornheimer, Kevin Pollak, Jane Lynch.

This show has some funny moments, but it needs work. I just couldn’t get over the one question that baffled me from  the beginning: Why?  Is Lynch really Lawson’s guardian angel, and if so, why is she interfering in her life?  I saw no good reason for her to get involved other than to have some fun at her expense and to point out a couple of bad decisions she made. I mean, Lawson’s character is pretty average and doesn’t seem to be in need of “divine” intervention, in my opinion.  Also, the crass angel has been done before- and better, I might add. This show is not worth watch.

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