Easy Money: Life Deluxe (2013) Rated UR

Easy Money Life DeluxeJW is now in exile in the U.S. but still determined to find out what happened to his sister. Based on the novels by Jens Lapidus. Starring Matias Varela, Joel Kinnaman, Martin Wallström.

As with the other Easy Money films, it’s a slow build to the story, but once you get there, the film sucks you in, and you can’t help but care about the characters. JW remains in exile, but in his determination to find his missing sister, he is led to the Stockholm mob. Kinnaman always makes these films worth watching, but now we have the added presence of Varela, who also wants to leave the mob world behind.  And, don’t forget Wallström, the police informant within the mob, who makes you wonder who will live and who will die. This film is worth the watch.


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