The Doors (1991) Rated R

The DoorsThe story of  Doors frontman Jim Morrison from the start of the group to his death. Starring Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Kevin Dillon, Billy Idol, Debi Mazar, Mimi Rogers, Crispin Glover.

This film immerses the viewer into a world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. The story was hard to follow, unless perhaps you are on drugs watching it, because they film it from that perspective. I will say that Kilmer’s portrayal of Jim Morrison was excellent, and Ryan’s transformation as Pamela Courson from sweet, innocent girl to drug-addicted girlfriend of Morrison was compelling. Other than that, I wasn’t impressed with this film. If you are a Doors fan, then I would say it was worth a watch; otherwise it is a pass.


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