Bridget Jones’ Baby Trailer



I’ve been anxiously awaiting this movie, and I couldn’t help but share the trailer and my corresponding thoughts.  It definitely poses more questions than answers.   For one, when did Bridget and Mark break up? At the end of The Edge of Reason, I assumed that Bridget and Mark were together, even married (unless that sequence was all in Bridget’s head, which doesn’t seem probable). Second, how did Bridget go from TV reporter/host to a producer? That also didn’t seem to be on the horizon for Bridget at the end of The Edge of Reason.  The trailer seems to imply that this movie takes place just weeks after The Edge of Reason, but it also gives the impression that it could be years. These questions concern me; I am worried about how good this film will be, when Bridget doesn’t seem to know who the father is. I’m still anxious to see it, with apprehensive optimism.  Anyone else excited for Bridget’s next installment?


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