MTV Suspect (MTV) Rated TV-14

MTV SuspectNev and Io are truth seekers to friends and family who believe that someone they know is hiding something. Starring Yaniv Schulman, Io Tillett Wright.

I’ve always known Nev to be a  moral compass in his TV shows, and I love watching him.  Io, on the other hand, is prone to emotional outbursts throughout the show. She/He goes after a guy who has kept his son a secret from his significant other because the boyfriend doesn’t want kids. Now, it’s true, he shouldn’t have kept that information from the boyfriend, but what about the boyfriend who doesn’t want kids?  He makes the dad choose between him and the child.  That is no choice.  Children are permanent, not irrational boyfriends.  I found the whole situation upsetting.  The moral of the stories they present goes much to a much darker place than I am comfortable with.  It is sad to see how many people out there are not communicating with each other honestly or effectively, and relationships suffer and are severed because of it.  I don’t think this TV show has anything of real value to make it worth a watch.


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