New This Week in Theaters, April 28, 2016

 Keanu (R)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Will Forte, Keegan-Michael Key, Luis Guzman

Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen kitten by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.

 Mother’s Day (PG-13)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Britt Robertson, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts

Three generations come together in the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

  Viva (R)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Hector Medina, Jorge Perugorria, Luis Alberto Garcia

When everything is for sale, what’s the value of love? Jesus does make up for a troupe of drag performers in Havana, but dreams of being a performer. When he finally gets his chance to be on stage, a stranger emerges from the crowd and punches him in the face. The stranger is his father Angel, a former boxer, who has been absent from his life for 15 years. As father and son clash over their opposing expectations of each other, Viva becomes a love story as the men struggle to understand one another and become a family again.

 A Beautiful Planet (G)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

An exploration of Earth and beyond as seen from the International Space Station. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence.

 Ratchet and Clank (PG)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Bella Thorne, James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye

When the galaxy comes under the threat of a nefarious space captain, a mechanic and his newfound robot ally join an elite squad of combatants to save the universe.

 The Man Who Knew Infinity (PG-13)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Devika Bhise

Growing up poor in Madras, India, Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar earns admittance to Cambridge University during WWI, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the guidance of his professor, G.H. Hardy.

 Papa: Hemingway in Cuba (R)
Opens on Friday, April 29
Starring: Minka Kelly, Giovanni Ribisi, Joely Richardson

In 1959, a young journalist ventures to Havana, Cuba to meet his idol, the legendary Ernest Hemingway who helped him find his literary voice, while the Cuban Revolution comes to a boil around them.

Synopsis by IMDB.

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