The Santa Incident (2010) Rated NR

Santa IncidentSanta’s sleigh gets shot down and is questioned by Homeland Security. Santa’s fate ultimately ends up in the hands of a couple of kids and some elves who come down from the North Pole to help Santa. Starring Ali Lyons, Scott Graham, James Cosmo, Ione Skye.

This is a clean film with a bit of charm where we find ourselves rooting for a couple of kids trying to help Santa retrieve his sleigh and reindeer, while a couple of bumbling Homeland Security men try to track him down. It’s all a bit implausible, beginning with shooting Santa out of the sky.  The film makes Homeland Security look stupid first by mistaking Santa for a UFO, and then by making them the bad guys of the film. Of course, we also have the overplayed story line of children saving the day while the adults stand by clueless.  All in all, this film is a pass.



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