Daddy’s Home (2015) PG-13

daddy's homeA nice-guy stepdad tries to hold on to his family when the children’s father comes back into town.  Starring Will Farrell, Mark Walhlberg, Linda Cardellini.

Farrell plays the typical Mr. Nice Guy:  loving husband, devoted stepdad, and hopeful radio executive.  He is dependable, predictable, and stable, wanting nothing more than to be a real father to his two stepchildren.

After months of ingratiating himself to them, he finally begins to make headway in his relationships with the children, as they make room for him in their hearts and lives.  Of course, this is exactly when their real dad shows up.

Hot, strong, multi-faceted, motorcycle riding Wahlberg has returned to claim his rightful place in the “kingdom.”  Through mind-bending manipulation and subversion, he nearly succeeds, under the guise of being a team player.

Painfully funny, I almost didn’t make it past the first half.  To see self-proclaimed wuss Farrell further emasculated and humiliated was too much to bear watching.  However, I am glad I stuck it out.  The comedic timing and attention to details ( I mean, come on, Farrell works for a smooth jazz station called “The Panda”) are spot-on.

The way they tie all the ends together makes for an unusually satisfying conclusion to an immensely funny and torturous duel of the dads.

(**** NOT suitable for children, due to offensive humor and situational comedy.)

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