Coupled (FOX) Rated NR


Coupled is a reality dating show produced by Mark Burnett. Twelve women meet a man and decide whether to take the next step, then the man gets to choose two women to go to a villa for a day. Every third day a new man comes and the women decide. Starring  Terrence Jenkins.

This is an interesting twist to the reality dating shows on TV. It’s nice to see that both the man and the women have some input into whether or not to continue the relationship. I know that’s how it is in real life, but it is not often depicted that way on TV; it’s one of the things that make this show well-executed. I also found it fun to watch the relationships unfold in the digital age of cell phones. It was a good call for the show makers to give all the girls a cell phone, enabling them to capture all the drama the girls are so good at drumming up. I say this show is better than The Bachelorette and The Bachelor; it’s not as manipulative as those shows are.  It’s worth a watch.



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