Famously Single (E!) Rated NR

Famously singleEight, single celebrities move in together to figure out their romantic problems. Starring Calum Best, Paul ‘Pauly D’ DelVecchio, Brandi Glanville, Josh Murray, Aubrey O’Day, Darcy Sterling.

Wow, way to highlight celebrity narcissism! All of the members want to find love, but they are unable to imagine life outside their celebrity status.  I get that it is hard for them to date  non-celebrities because they don’t understand the nature of the business and the constant invasion of privacy.  Still, I just found the people on this show to be too self-absorbed for my taste; I definitely wouldn’t be able to date any of them.  Hopefully, they will be able to find people who can look past their flaws and their fame, and love them for who they are.  I, for one, don’t care to stick around to see it happen, though.  I don’t care to watch shows that exploit people and their issues.  It is a pass.


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