Holly’s Holiday (2012) Rated TV-14

Holly's HolidayWhen an ad exec dreams of her perfect job, perfect life, and the perfect guy, she wakes up to find that her perfect man is a mannequin who has come to life.  Now, she must decide if “perfect” is perfect for her. Starring Claire Coffee, Ryan McPartlin, Gabrielle Dennis, Jeff Ward.

I think the filmmakers were going for  a remake of the 1987 film Mannequin with a Christmas theme but the story isn’t half as good.  The script lacks warmth and energy causing the actors to appear stilted. Also, it was quite obvious who she would fall for.  The movie would have been just as cute without the mannequin, although we would miss McPartlin’s pretty face.  This film didn’t have enough  holiday spirit to warrant watching it.  It is a pass.


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