The Santa Suit (2010) Rated TV-G

the Santa suitHunter Toys’ CEO has turned his father’s toy company into a profitable business. However, when he denies his staff their Christmas festivities, he finds himself turned into Kris Krandall, a man who is forced to work as Santa in a small business toy store. Starring Kevin Sorbo, Jodie Dowdall, Derry Robinson, Rosemary Dunsmore.

This film is a modern take on A Christmas Carol. Although Sorbo’s performance is great, my frustration lies more with the fantasy side of the story where, as the real Santa, his performance seemed out of place.  I guess I would have preferred it to be more realistic.  I have to give it credit for not following the standard Hallmark tendencies.  This film has great acting, a strong story, and is low on romance.  It is worth a watch.


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