The A Word (Sundance) Rated TV-NR

The A WordThe Hughes family is just like any other family, until their son is diagnosed with autism. Based on the Israeli TV show Yellow Peppers by Keren Margalit.  Starring Morven Christie, Lee Ingleby, Greg McHugh, Vinette Robinson, Max Vento, Molly Wright, Christopher Eccleston, Adam Wittek, Tommie Grabiec, Pooky Quesnel, George Bukhari, Abby Ford.

I was surprised by this show. I didn’t expect it to be so exceptional in its depiction of a family facing the challenges and curve balls of raising a young son with autism.  It really looks at the family as a whole- how they communicate and interact- and autism is a big part of it, without being the central focus. Vento, the young actor who plays the autistic son, is phenomenal.  This is by far the best show I’ve seen this year; it’s definitely worth a watch.




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