Emma’s Chance (2016) Rated PG

Emma's Chance Emma is assigned community service at an equine rescue ranch where she bonds with one of the horses. Starring Greer Grammer, Joey Lawrence, Missi Pyle.

Horse lovers will enjoy this wholesome, clean movie despite its glaring flaws, the worst of which is the script.  There were several holes in the story line, and much of the dialogue was completely superfluous.  Without a well-written script, a film simply cannot succeed; it leaves the actors in a muddle and obscures the story.  Only the veteran actors, Lawrence and Pyle, seemed to have been able to rise above it.

One interesting thing about the movie is the inclusion of the actual equine rescue ranch where the horse actors come from,  Red Bucket Equine Rescue. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough good in this film to warrant a recommendation; it is a pass.

To donate:  Red Bucket Equine Rescue



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