Clash of the Corps (Fuse) Rated TV-14

clash-of-the-corpsA reality series that follows competing Drum Corps: The Cadets and Blue Devils, as they battle for this year’s championship title. Starring Brandon Olander, Catie Toal, Kobe Sampson-Davis, Marisa Spevak, Marshall Hallam, Joye Dewey, Emily Mayerson.

This show takes us into a world that many are unfamiliar with. Although the drum corps is interesting, there was something lacking about this production, and it had to do with the storytelling.  We can see that these young people are under incredible stress and pressure, but the show never lets us get too close to them to understand how they feel.  There is no depth of experience to connect into.  It keeps us on the surface of the performance aspect of the corps without allowing the people to express what is going on underneath all the noise. This makes the show a pass for me.



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