Fruits Basket (2001) Rated TV-PG

fruits-basketAfter Tohru Honda lost her mother, she decided to live in a tent for protection. One day she finds Sohma house, where the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac reside. As Tohru grows closer to the Sohma family, she begins to think of them as family. Starring Laura Bailey, Eric Vale, Jerry Jewell, John Burgmeier.

Fruits Basket is a wonderful anime series. Each story is interesting and fun, and the characters are likable. The series focuses on a young woman as she navigates through life, and each episode highlights a new character. Geared to teenage girls, it is fun but not the highest quality.  Sometimes, the story doesn’t gel; the characters won’t match the tone of the episode.  Even so, it is still delightful with its twists and turns, and worth a watch.


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