War Dogs (2016) Rated R

war-dogsBased on the true story of two friends, who won a contract from the Pentagon to arm the United State’s allies in Afghanistan. Starring Miles Teller, Steve Lantz, Gregg Weiner, Jonah Hill

I have to say this film isn’t half bad. It’s not as funny as I thought it would be. I’m also not sure how much is true. I believe they used some of the stories from other people and not that these men did all this. This film just overall made a bad taste in my mouth. The actors were all great. I think they did a wonderful job. It’s not the best film, I don’t know if I can pin point the issues with this film. The story isn’t one I would be proud of. The movie isn’t the worst and it’s still worth a watch but there was language that was a little much.




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