New This Week on DVD, December 12, 2017

 Kingsman: The Golden Circle (R)

When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman’s journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy. Starring Taron Egerton, Edward Holcroft, Gordon Alexander, Mark Strong, Julianne Moore, Colin Firth

 Home Again (PG-13)

Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, Candice Bergen

 Detroit (R)

Fact-based drama set during the 1967 Detroit riots in which a group of rogue police officers respond to a complaint with retribution rather than justice on their minds. Starring Chris Chalk, Mason Alban, Bennett Deady, Will Poulter, John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, John Krasinski

 All Saints (PG)

When a group of Burmese refugees join the congregation, the pastor of a failing Anglican church attempts to aid them by planting crops and enlisting the help of the community. Starring Cara Buono, Barry Corbin, John Corbett

 Wolf Warrior 2 (NR)

China’s deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector. Starring Jing Wu, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade

 The Trip to Spain (NR)

Actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a six-part episodic road trip through Europe. This time they’re in Spain, sampling the restaurants, eateries, and sights along the way. Starring Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Marta Barrio

 Viceroy’s House (NR)

The final Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, is tasked with overseeing the transition of British India to independence, but meets with conflict as different sides clash in the face of monumental change. Starring Gillian Anderson, Michael Gambon, Hugh Bonneville

 The Unknown Girl (UR)

A woman gets obsessed with the case of a dead woman after learning that the woman had died shortly after having rung her door for help. Starring Adèle Haenel, Olivier Bonnaud,
Jérémie Renier

 Architects of Denial (NR)

Though both the historical and modern-day persecution of Armenians and other Christians is relatively uncovered in the mainstream media and not on the radar of many average Americans, it is a subject that has gotten far more attention in recent years. It was during and after World War I that the Ottoman Empire carried out the systematic mass murder of 1.5 million Christian Armenian citizens, but also 950,000 Greek and 750,000 Assyrian Christians. To this day, the Armenian people are persecuted in the Middle East for their beliefs – and many are kept from their true home. Turkey, which is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, still denies the extent and the systematic nature of the atrocities and doesn’t use the word genocide for these well-documented events. Other governments officially deny the Armenian Genocide as well because of political pressure by their ally Turkey. “Architects of Denial” not only digs into the persecution of Armenians and other Christians in the Middle East, both past and present, but it also sheds light on those politicians who refuse to acknowledge an event scholars accept as a sad reality and historical fact. Starring Taner Akçam, Julian Assange, Jonathan Babington-Heina, George Clooney, Barack Obama

 Fuller House: The Complete Second Season (TV-G)

In a continuation of Full House, D.J. Fuller is a mother of three young boys and is a recent widow. D.J.’s sister Stephanie, her best friend Kimmy and Kimmy’s teenage daughter all move in to help raise her sons. The house is now a lot fuller. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber

 Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season (TV-MA)

Nine noble families fight for control over the mythical lands of Westeros, while a forgotten race returns after being dormant for thousands of years. Starring Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington

   Ms. Matched (TV-G)

Upstart wedding planner Libby Boland makes dreams come true by designing romantic fairy tale weddings for her clients. Problem is there’s no romance in her own life. All that changes when she falls for Ben Reynolds, author of the new book, ‘Wedding Day Do’s and Don’ts.” Unfortunately, their blossoming romance is threatened when she discovers that Ben’s book is a primer for getting married on the cheap — completely incompatible with everything she believes. Sparks fly at a wedding expo where Libby and Ben battle over clients. But when Libby’s livelihood is threatened, Ben finds a creative way to come to her rescue. Starring Alexa PenaVega, Shawn Roberts, Leah Gibson

 Once Upon a Time at Christmas (R)

Santa and Mrs. Clause go on a killing spree in Woodbridge, 12 days prior to Christmas. Starring Simon Phillips, Sayla de Goede, Jeff Ellenberger

 A Chef’s Life: Season 5 (NR)

A Chef’s Life is a character-driven documentary and cooking series. The first season consists of 13 half-hour episodes. Much more dynamic than a typical cooking show, A Chef’s Life plunges audiences into the kitchen of a highbrow restaurant located in the “low country” of North Carolina. The series explores both traditional and modern applications of quintessential Southern ingredients through the life and work of the series’ host and narrator, Vivian Howard. Vivian’s skill in the kitchen is an equal match for her charismatic personality, radiating behind crystal grey eyes. Vivian and her husband, Ben Knight, own and operate Chef & the Farmer, a farm-to-table restaurant in Kinston, NC. A Chef’s Life will broadcast nationally on PBS stations starting September 2013. Starring Vivian Howard, Ben Knight

 Zoo: Season Three (TV-14)

A young scientist searches to find out what’s causing a rash of violent animal attacks. Starring James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke

 The Strain: The Complete Fourth Season (TV-MA)

A mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism ravages the city of New York. Starring Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand,
Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Miguel Gomez

Synopsis by IMDB.

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