Cheer Squad (Freeform) Rated TV-PG

cheer-squadCheer Squad follows the two-time World Cheerleading Champions’ quest to keep their title. Starring Ali Moffatt.

This could have been an interesting reality show if they had figured out what they were focusing on.  A group of smart, beautiful girls train for a spot on an elite cheerleading squad.  The problem is that it’s hard to tell whether this is a show about cheerleading or a group of girls that cheer. We get glimpses into both their personal lives and relationships as well as their cheer life.  There’s not enough of either to really draw you in, though.  The stories presented tend to fall to the wayside without explanation. And some things make me wonder whether this is just a parody of a reality show.  Why are the girls names in quotes? Are they real people or not?  It was too confusing to even bother figuring it out.  This show is a pass.



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