Big Fan (ABC) Rated NR

big-fanA game show that pits the biggest fans of celebrities against each other and their celebrity. Starring Andy Richter.

It’s always fun to watch celebrities meet the masses, with all of the awkwardness, discomfort and groping.  The first episode of this show stars Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Now, Rodgers always looks a little shell-shocked when in front of the cameras, and this was no exception. He’s also not much of a talker; I don’t think he said a single thing, not even to host Andy Richter, for the first five minutes of the show.

So, who wins in this game show? The Biggest Fan, of course. Whoever knows the most details about their celebrity is the winner. And, what does the biggest fan win? Well, there’s the token golden mechanical fan, but the celebrities also bring prizes for the winners. This episode’s winner received tickets to Lambeau. Other celebrities slated to appear include: Kim Kardashian West, Matthew McConaughey, and Kristin Bell. I guess it would be interesting to watch these celebrities sit prettily by as their fans remember their SAT scores, but it’s not necessarily worth a watch.  If you have a favorite celebrity on the show, I think it would be fun, but otherwise, it’s a pass.




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