Harley and the Davidsons (2016) Rated NR

harley-and-the-davidsonsBased on the true story of Harley and Davidsons from the birth of the bike through 100 years and into the hearts of the riders who love them. Starring Michiel Huisman, Bug Hall, Robert Aramayo, Annie Read, Essa O’Shea, Daniel Coonan, Rufus Wright, Cornelius Geaney Jr.

Although it is flawed, this is an interesting miniseries about the history of the Harley Davidson. I’m not entirely certain how historically accurate it is, though. For instance, Eddie Hasha’s death was downplayed, as the accident was more horrific than was portrayed, while other parts of the story seem over-dramatized and, at times, rushed.  There is a good sense of what it took for these men to start the company, but the series fails to cover the ups and downs that come with a fledgling business.  What the story lacked, the actors made up for; all three leads did an amazing job portraying the founding brothers.  Unfortunately, there were just too many aspects to this series that could have been better, making it a pass.



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