The Woodcarver (2012) Rated PG

wwjdii-the-woodcarverA troubled youth vandalizes a church. For his punishment, he does community service at the church with the woodcarver whose work he vandalized. Starring John Ratzenberger, Dakota Daulby, Woody Jeffreys.

This is a typical Christian film with the usual message.  It just falls flat in delivery.  It is a solid story, but the writing failed to give the characters any depth.  No one is as placid as these characters.  In a situation and type of story like this, there should be a deeper probing into the characters’ motivations and heart issues.  Ratzenberger was wonderful, and the other actors tried to match his quality but weren’t quite able to.  Despite its apparent flaws, I do still recommend it, especially to a Christian audience. For its overall message, this film is worth a watch.


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