Victoria (PBS) Rated TV-PG

victoria-on-masterpieceThe life of Queen Victoria from her ascension to the throne and  her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. Starring Jenna Coleman, Daniela Holtz, Adrian Schiller, Catherine Flemming, Margaret Clunie, Tommy Knight, Anna Wilson-Jones, Eve Myles, Nell Hudson, Ferdinand Kingsley

The show follows the life of Queen Victoria but also her staff. It has the upstairs, downstairs feel as we get to know the people around her as she learns to be queen. Is this show historically correct? Probably not, the show takes liberties’ to her life that are not quite accurate. Saying that, the performances are spot on. I really enjoyed Jenna Coleman as the young queen. I only wish that they would be more true to the historical points of these characters but it doesn’t change that Masterpiece produces the best shows. This is worth a watch.


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