My Summer Prince (2016) Rated TV-G

my-summer-princeMandy, an assistant to a PR crisis manager, travels to a small Idaho town to help a Prince overcome bad press. Starring Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Lauren Holly, Marina Sirtis.

Well, this has to be one of the worst Hallmark films I’ve seen this year. We have a PR assistant being mistaken as her manager on a high profile case. She, of course, goes along with it, hoping to climb the corporate ladder and, in the process, falls for the prince along the way.

Even worse than the writing are the awful accents that all the royals try to do.  Perhaps, it was supposed to be an unknown accent, but it was cover my ears terrible.  There is also the unnatural stuffiness among the royalty; they had no warmth at all.

When the ending finally came, I thought, here is a woman who lied to everyone and got away with it, and scored a prince and a happy ending to top it off.  She received no reprimand at all for her actions, which is ludicrous.  This film is a pass.



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  1. Frank kings says:

    This is another movie based on deceit and lies. What example is Hallmark setting with this kind of movie? Most of these positive reviews are not honest.

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