Salem (WGN) Rated TV-MA

Salem takes a look at what started the Salem Witch trials in 1692. Starring  Janet Montgomery, Shane West, and Seth Gabel.

I will say this show has no historical accuracy except that there was a witch trial that took place. The show takes that fact and elaborates on the fantasy level of witchcraft. The show starts with a basic town that lives every day as a typical 1692 town, and the town does not know the underlining problems that are occurring. As the season goes on, the show goes darker and deeper into the world of witchcraft. It’s not the best show. I will say that there were times that the show jumped the shark and wasn’t as well written as I would have liked. The acting was the best for the show; the characters are what pulled me in. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the show, but I enjoyed the first year, making it worth the watch.

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