The Path of the Wind (2009) Rated UR

An ex-convict tries to leave behind his past and make a fresh start. Starring Joe Rowley, Liz DuChez, Jennifer Rose.

This film could have been much better, but it lacked continuity.  There were a lot of assumptions on the part of the writer/director about what the audience should already know.  When critical information came up, like why Lee was in prison, it came unexpectedly and without explanation.  Also, when Katie found out about Lee’s prison sentence from the sheriff, there was no indication of them having a prior friendship which would lead him to disclose that information.

The other aspect of the film that lacked clarity was Lee’s salvation.  Did he get saved, or did he just consider it?  The whole treatment of Christianity was cliched and unnecessarily comical.  I definitely wouldn’t show it to anyone who was questioning their faith.  The one upside to the film came from Rowley, who played Lee; he did an excellent job.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make this film worthwhile.  It is a pass.



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