Parched (NatGeo) Rated NR

This show talks about areas of the world that lack water resources.

The first episode addressed the Flint, Michigan water crisis. I am convinced that Flint Michigan has a water crisis. The show gives background to the issue by discussing the problems in Flint which are thought-provoking. Basically, it is a battle between the dollar and water.

However, one thing I did find hard to swallow was the woman they highlighted, who struggles to keep water and heat on for her family, because their water keeps getting shut down. Granted, her utilities are included with the rent, and it isn’t her fault that her landlord didn’t pay the water bill, but why didn’t she just move? Sure, there is a water crisis throughout the city, but if it is a matter of her landlord paying the water bill, the solution is to move somewhere that the bill gets paid.

The show is interesting, but it really only presents an overview of the problems without coming up with any real solutions.  This makes it a pass.


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