Mr. Selfridge (PBS) Rated PG

Based on the real-life story of the American founder of London’s department store, Selfridge’s. Based on the book, Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead. Starring Ron Cook, Jeremy Piven, Tom Goodman-Hill.

A brilliantly executed show, I was pleasantly surprised by Piven’s portrayal of Selfridge.  It follows Selfridge’s life quite closely, with only a few dramatic elements and some minor adjustments to the timeline of his life.  What makes this show work, though, is that it goes beyond the life of Selfridge the man and delves into the birth and history of department stores, examining why and how we shop, and how stores developed advertising for their merchandise.  Although I prefer The Paradise, which is similar yet with a lighter tone than Mr. Selfridge,  I did very much enjoy this show.  It is well worth a watch.

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