That I May See (1951) Rated NR

The story of the blind beggar cured by Jesus. Based off of the Bible passage, Luke 18:35-43. Starring Jeffrey Lynn, Ruth Hussey, Raymond Burr.

That I May See is an episode from the TV series Family Theatre, which was produced by Roman Catholic Church auspices. This episode is rather good, although I don’t know how accurate it is, given how little information we are given from the biblical passage it is based on. In this version, the beggar becomes quite arrogant about the fact he was healed when others were not.  In the Bible, it says that the beggar actually followed Jesus, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.  He only decides to believe after talking with both Mary, Jesus’ mother, and Simon the Cyrene, which is somewhat arbitrary.  However, it does a wonderful job expressing a story of forgiveness, and it was refreshing to see something that has not been covered on film before.  This film is worth a watch.


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