A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Rated PG

A dog looks for his purpose in life through many lifetimes. Based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron. Starring Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, Britt Robertson

This film takes you on the emotional roller coaster of this one dog’s reincarnated lives. Each time an owner has to say goodbye it’ll bring tears to your eyes. The film tries to tell us that in each life the dog gave meaning to each other, although we get only snippets of each life and the only life that really seems to matter to the dog was the one he had with Ethan. Now, if a dog could reincarnate into multiple lives you would think that each time he came back he would remember from the dawn of time and all the owners he’s had. Which in the film after the second time he does recognize that he remembers things from his earlier life.  You would think the dog would get cynical about life after a while. I was going along with this story even suspending my disbelief until the end of the movie where the dog is wandering around and finds one of his owners. How on earth did that happen? That was too far fetched for me. I felt the filmmakers just had to wrap it up and so they just thought it’ll just be a miracle for that to happen. Even with all the faults this film has, it has heart and for that I’m saying it’s worth a watch.



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