Summer Snow (2014) Rated PG

A family still grieving the loss of their wife and mother learns how to continue on. Starring Rachel Eggleston,  David Chisum, Cameron Goodman.

I keep hoping that these Christian film will succeed in their writing and production, but I am constantly disappointed, and this movie was no exception. It is one of the worst written Christian films I’ve seen, with an inconsistent and incomplete story line. The story itself is good, as we see these grieving family members each receive a personal letter from their wife/mother reminding them what is truly important in life. The gospel is clearly presented, which I appreciate, but the movie’s story is not. We never find out why or how she died, and there is a gaping hole in the conclusion with regards to the youngest daughter’s attempt to raise money to help another child. More thought needed to go into this script; it is a disappointment and a pass.

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