A Flea in Her Ear (1968) Rated NR

A Frenchwoman suspects her husband is having an affair, so she plots to catch him in the act. Starring Rex Harrison, Rosemary Harris, Louis Jourdan, John Williams

This film is hilarious to watch. The wife plans a plot to with a friend to catch her husband in adultery and of course nothing goes right. The casting is spot on.. Louis Jourdan who plays the husband’s best friend makes this film all the more enjoyable. I’ve always enjoyed Jourdan but in this film he really shows off his talent. Then add in Rex Harrison the lawyer/husband that makes the mistake of having his wife, played by Rosemary Harris believing he is having the affair. All of this takes place in a hotel. You’ve got mistaken identity, affairs, and a jealous husband all making the mistaken information a barrel of laughs. I’m surprised this film isn’t as highly recommended as it is. This film is worth the watch.

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