Wind At My Back (CBC) Rated NR

A recently widowed woman during the Depression is forced by her mother-in-law to give up her children. Starring Shirley Douglas, Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage.

This is a show I have had on my to watch list for a long time. After finally watching it, I can say that it is a great family show, especially for older children. The one issue I did have is how overbearing the mother-in-law is. Granted, she does soften over time, but I still didn’t like her behavior towards her children and grandchildren. There wasn’t any reason for it, and even her softening seemed out of place and surprising. She seemed to base her behavior on false accusations, like that of her daughter-in-law being responsible for her son’s death. Apart from that, this show is brilliantly written and accurately depicts how difficult life was during the Depression. It’s worth a watch.

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