The Measure of a Man (2011) Rated NR

 A father is dying and his daughter remembers his life and questions what makes a man. Starring Jarin Stevens, Jennica Schwartzman, Jules Hartley

The premise of the film is great and that is as good as this film gets. I really wish it was better, they had such promise with the story. What makes a man? The story is very disjointed as the story jumps from one decade to another and back. All with little or no transition. The costumes and settings don’t change, don’t give any clue on what decade they are in. The actors don’t change much because there isn’t any makeup to make the difference.  It’s almost like the it’s current but it’s 30 years ago.  The father comes off as sexist but I think it’s the era he grew up in but it doesn’t translate like the filmmakers wanted it to. I think they were trying to show that men and women are different with different roles but that got lost in the translation. This film could’ve been done so much better but it really just flopped. It’s not worth a watch.

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