The Disappearance of Maura Murray (Oxygen) Rated NR

A young nursing student leaves school and vanishes without a trace on February 9, 2004. Her disappearance has fueled a legion of controversy. The show tries to unravel the misinformation and facts to uncover what happened to Maura Murray on that fateful day. Starring Maggie Freleng, Art Roderick.

Unlike The Eleven, the show I reviewed a few weeks ago, this show tries to uncover what might have happened to a girl who simply vanished. There are interviews with family, eyewitnesses, and law enforcement with details which have become clouded over time but still searching for answers to what happened. I was drawn in by this show, and have found myself wondering how a girl with such a bright future just disappeared. The more interviews I watched, the more intriguing the disappearance became. For a real and compelling mystery, this show is worth a watch. 

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