Lucky in Love (2014) Rated TV-PG

When Mira’s April Fool jokes materialize, her fantasy life comes true. Although her fantasy life has its own challenges, she must decide if she wants her dream life or the life that makes her happy. Starring Jessica Szohr, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Ryan Kennedy.

This is a typical Hallmark film. The girl wishes for everything she dreams of: the top job, a house, and a boyfriend. Once she receives everything she’s ever wanted, it starts to fall apart. She must learn that what she fantasizes about is different from what would make her happy. The film has nothing going for it. There doesn’t seem to be anything that makes it different from any other Hallmark film. The music was too loud, again. The actors don’t stand out, although all of them are good-looking enough to watch for two hours. This is one movie not worth a watch.

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