Noel Coward’s Present Laughter (2017) Rated NR

 A self-obsessed actor juggles his weaning career, his ex-wife, and his friends’ personal lives. Starring Matt Bittner, Kate Burton, Ellen Harvey, Kevin Kline, Cobie Smulders.

Being previously unfamiliar with the play Present Laughter, it was a treat to see it performed on “Great Performances.” Kevin Kline plays the self-obsessed actor to perfection. The play is a wonderful farce. We watch Garry Essendine’s friends come and go through the revolving door of his flat, causing him great frustration as their lives unravel. Burton plays his ex-wife, who left her husband yet can’t seem to leave him. Smulders plays Joanna, a woman who just can’t leave men alone. The show is quite brilliant and worth a watch.

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