Who Killed Tupac? (A&E) Rated TV-14

 Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump leads a group to investigate the death of Tupac. Starring Lolita Files, P. Frank Williams

I thought this would be an interesting case of who would’ve shot Tupac. Thinking that they would analyze the evidence to see who would’ve killed the rapper. Alas, I think they are in the same boat as the police. The first episode they talk to the police who’ve said that nobody was talking about who and what they saw the night Tupac was killed. The episode was mostly about how the African-American community distrusts police. I get their distrust but if they want to find answers they still need to talk. Crump talks about if Elvis was killed the same way they would get the person responsible for the murder. Yeah, but the eyewitness would have talked. That’s how you find answers. Not saying anything doesn’t. This miniseries is not worth a watch, mainly because they don’t really want answers.

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