Waco: Madman or Messiah (A&E) Rated TV-14

 A miniseries, told by interviews of survivors with video and  audio recordings, telling the story of how David Koresh came to power as a prophet and the standoff at the compound. Starring Mike Caruso, Brigette Griffith, Michael Lake

This miniseries takes us through when David Koresh was younger to how he became the leader of the Branch Davidians and how the standoff  happened. We have a number of survivors and law enforcement interviewed about the standoff. What surprises me is that the survivors still believe in what Koresh was teaching and they also seem to still be very angry at the law enforcement for investigating them. Then you have the mistakes that the ATF and FBI did and the miscommunication between them. The question on whether Koresh was a madman or Messiah does have a thin line but he doesn’t win me over for the Messiah has already come and gone and will return again. This is an interesting watch and worth watching.


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