To the Wonder (2012) Rated R

After a couple falls in love, they come home to real life, where they connect with a pastor and a flame from the past. Starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams.

This is a Terrence Malick film. He uses cinematography to  convey  his story with little dialogue. While all the scenery is beautifully shot, the story gets shuffled into the back corner. It is supposed to explore the reality of life after falling in love, but it loses its emotional impact and makes religion a  superficial part of their life. During the movie, I wanted to scream at them for making love seem like a fake emotion not worthy of having, replacing it instead with duty. Yes, of course we have duties in life and love, but in the case of the latter, they shouldn’t feel forced. This film is a pass.

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