Winter Break: Hunter Mountain (MTV) Rated NR

 A group of 20-somethings head to a ski lodge for winter break. Starring Taylor James “TJ” Angus, Alessandra Camerlingo, Jeffrey Brewer.

This is The Real World on winter break or what The Real World has become in the 26 years it’s been on the air. It’s all about sex and drinking. The show has20-somethings all making fools of themselves on national TV. In 10 years, all these kids are going to regret what they did. The only thing people will remember about them from this show is their exploits. I guarantee they will all be wishing to go back and undo their decision to be on this show. This is not reality. Even the most irresponsible and immoral of people have some small thing of value to contribute to the world. This show reflects no values whatsoever. It is a pass.

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