A Wish For Giants (2018) Rated NR

A volunteer for Wish Kingdom must find a way to make a wish come true for a girl who wants to meet Bigfoot. Based on the book by  Aaron Dunbar. Starring Naysa Altmeyer, Alexa Mechling, and Connor McClain.

Where to start with this film…the poor production is not surprising with this low-budget film. The writing is probably the worst I have ever seen. For instance, no wish foundation would take on a wish that is not tangible. Thus, the film starts with a suspension of disbelief. It continues with one thing after another that doesn’t make sense; the characters’ reactions are illogical. What makes it even worse is the perfunctory acting. I usually blame poor acting on the director for not allowing or telling actors to relax and be normal; it’s evident in this film that the actors were not themselves. The only good scene in the film was when it was obvious that the actors were ad-libbing; it was only then that they appeared relaxed and comfortable in their roles. This film isn’t worth a watch.


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