The Christmas Heart (2012) Rated NR

When a teenager is in desperate need of a heart transplant his neighbors, family, and friends rally behind him and celebrate Christmas. Starring Teri Polo, Paul Essiembre, and Ty Wood.

The one thing going for this film is that it is different from any other Hallmark Christmas movie in that it’s very emotional. We have a teenager who’s full of life and is suddenly struck with a heart condition leaving him in need of a new heart. There are a lot of things left unexplained about the heart condition other than the fact that he has one. Then you have the problem that everyone in that situation goes through – the fact that praying for a heart to become available means someone else has to die. It’s a dilemma; you don’t want to wish for someone else’s pain, but you also want the best for your family. The film touches on that but doesn’t dive deep into the dilemma – that’s the case with all Hallmark films. The mother is a woman of faith, but there is no mention of God or Jesus – just praying. Some moments run slow and there are moments of sorrow that seems rather shallow. Although this film has good intentions, it really isn’t a feel-good Christmas movie and isn’t worth a watch.

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