The Bridge Part 2 (2016) Rated NR

A storm has destroyed The Bridge bookstore, and it will soon lose its funding. With Charlie’s accident leaving him in a coma, the people who love The Bridge rally behind it to save the store. Starring Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash, and Ted McGinley.

This sequel to The Bridge Part I  leaves much to be desired. At times, the writing was sluggish. Then, there’s the storyline with the father, which seemed out of place and out of character for a fun Christmas film. To make the storyline worse, the daughter forgives her father way too fast for the damages he’s done in her life –  it just doesn’t fit the film’s overarching story. It was way too quick and easy – almost like a thought. I wish this sequel held up with Part One, but it doesn’t – making it not worth a watch.

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