Death Wish (2018) Rated R

Dr. Paul Kersey has spent his life saving the lives of others, but everything changes when his family is attacked. Starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Elisabeth Shue.

This film is a typical revenge movie. Bruce Willis plays the doctor turned vigilante to protect his family, and his performance makes the film interesting. The movie makes the cops look like wimps even though they are doing the job by the book. The film also takes on the media with whether Kersey is good or bad for his vigilante actions, which I thought was more annoying than enlightening. The film has great action scenes and is written well with minor plot holes. Its only problem is being a run-of-the-mill revenge film; there isn’t anything that makes this movie stand out. However, that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth a watch –  it is. It’s just a film that brings the action and revenge, and it’s worth a watch.



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