The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue (1996) Rated TV-PG

A father is wrongfully convicted, and his children travel to Washington D.C. seeking his release in time for Christmas. Starring Diana Scarwid, Robert Urich, and Tegan Moss.

This is a heartwarming true story of siblings who travel to Washington during The Depression seeking their father’s release. Their goal is to appeal to the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, for leniency toward their father. The children meet many eccentric characters on their way to The White House with their mother following them. There are heartwarming moments, but there are scenes that made me cringe as these children wander alone through America during The Depression. However, people still try to help the children even though they are down and out. It’s a film that pulls at your heart and shows the softer side of President Hoover. It’s not the best film, and I wish I could say it was worth a watch, but it’s not worth a watch.


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  1. Homer Goodall says:

    It is an excellent movie. Many critics does not know what even good music when they hear it.

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