In Search of… (History) Rated TV-14

A documentary series examines unexplained phenomena. Starring Zachary Quinto, Kyle Bond, and David Brin.

This series’ only draw seems to be that Zachary Quinto reprises the role of host from Leonard Nimoy. There doesn’t seem to be any redeeming qualities to the show. The first episode is about aliens, in which they try to prove that what these people see and feel is real, but they don’t try to prove what they believe is real. I do applaud the show for being truthful with the polygraph test; although, I don’t trust that a polygraph test could be truthful. They do try to help the people prove that what they have been through is real, but they can’t. This makes it better than I expected, but the show still doesn’t have the authority to hold to those concepts. It’s not worth a watch.

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