Catch a Christmas Star (2013) Rated TV-G

Two kids bring their father and his high school sweetheart together even though she is a pop star now. Starring Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Byers, and Julia Lalonde.

This is one of those Hallmark Christmas films that could’ve been so much better. Again, the story is unrealistic as the widower gets together with his pop star ex-sweetheart. The kids are cute; Steve Byers as the widower is cute, but Shannon Elizabeth as a pop star is a stretch. There isn’t much chemistry between Byers and Elizabeth, which I think makes or breaks a Hallmark film. You need a woman who is sweet and kind – a girl next door type. Then you need a guy that is both charming and caring. Byers does a good job at fulfilling his part, but it doesn’t match well with Elizabeth. This film really has nothing going for it – nothing to make it stick out among the others year after year. This film is not worth a watch.

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