Fir Crazy (2013) Rated TV-G

A woman who hates Christmas must help at her dad’s tree lot for one holiday season. Starring Sarah Lancaster, Eric Johnson, and Colin Mochrie.

Again, this is another typical Hallmark Christmas movie. I actually enjoy watching these every year, but they do struggle to make the films stand out from each other. This is one that I wish had been a stand-out film, but it just isn’t. The movie starts with a woman who hates Christmas, but she grew up with her father’s Christmas tree lot every year. The film doesn’t really give a good explanation of her hatred of the season. The story goes off in the usual heartfelt direction with a romance between the two main characters. One thing the film has going for it is that Sarah Lancaster pulls off her role and the chemistry between her and Eric Johnson is pretty good. While this is one that’s cute to watch, I still think it wasn’t worth a watch.

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